Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I become a member?

It is EZ to become a member. Just register for free. Fill out the short registration as well as your interests in order that we can provide prizes that you want to win. Registration is open U.S. residents over the age of 18 ( Maine 19).


Do I pay anything for my prize?

No Way…You are our guest…. However you are responsible for any applicable taxes on your winnings.


Do I Need to Buy Anything?

Nope.. The winning of the sweepstakes prize is absolutely free – you are not responsible for paying any money.


How many times can I Enter to Win a Day?

You can enter once a day, however to increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize invite all your friends & family because if They Win - You Also Win just because you invited them. Tell your friends & family on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo,Nexopia, Hi5 or any other social network you are on. For the Grand prize there can be two winners.


Can I Play On The Other Prizes?

Yes! You may enter all the sweepstakes once a day, but remember invite all of your friends because if they win the grand prize, you win also the grand prize since you invited them.


How do I Know if I win?

After every drawing we will post the winners on You are responsible for checking the winners list after each drawing and contacting us with your shipping information however.


How Are the Prizes Delivered to me When I win?

We will ship your prize to your home for free… You Pay Nothing. Just tell your friends about the great prize you won and invite them to play.The more people you invite the better your chances become to win.


Does commenting on a post or clicking "Like" in any of the Social networks help my chances of winning?

Nope, the winner is randomly chosen from all the eligible entries. Commenting or clicking "Like" has no bearing on your odds of winning. However, referring family/friends does help your chances to win because if they win you also because you referred them.


Are the Products Used?

Absolutely Not... All products come from leading retailers and carry their perspective warranties. All warranties and returns are handled by the perspective retailer not Ez Win Game.


What are your Hours?

Ez Win Game allows you to enter the sweepstakes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to give you a free sweepstakes that you can win get stuff Absolutely FREE!


Can I change my user name/user number?

Unfortunately, your user name cannot be changed due to security reasons. Upon registering, please be careful not to select a user name that could cause offence or abuses the rights of third parties.


How do I change my password?

In order to change your password log into your profile and you may change your password.


Can I change my shipping address?

Please note that you can only store one address. For your protection all winnings will only be sent to the address you provide.

In order to change your address log into your profile and you may change your address.


How can I change my email?

Please log onto your profile and select the option “Change email”.


Can a specific game be cancelled?

Ez Win Games reserves the right with its sole discretion to cancel any sweepstakes.


Cancelling Membership

If you wish to cancel your membership with Ez Win Game , simply send an email to with the subject heading ‘cancel my account’



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