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Maximize your Marketing Efforts by Sponsoring

Sponsoring a sweepstakes, contest or coupon-giveaway with Ezwingame is a great way for virtually any size business to present your brand and products to new customers. We can help you build your fan base on your social network page, increase your mailing list and drive purchases.

Ezwingame's simple and attractive pricing model makes it possible from even the smallest businesses to large businesses run engaging interactive campaigns that attract social network and web users.

Whether your goal is lead generation or simply build brand awareness Ezwingame's platform offers you the most effective marketing tools.

Our loyal users are looking for contests , coupons , and give aways. In addition to our loyal users uses the viral marketing of social networks the word spreads via such viral features as friend invites, activity feeds and notifications. Due to our loyal users and our experience in social media, word about your campaign and your brand spreads much faster and wider than if you just published your campaign on your website alone.

The fact is consumers usually dislike being sold to. Marketing campaigns like sweepstakes, contests and give-aways are a version of marketing that consumers actually prefer. According to Jupiter research more than 80% of all internet users have entered at least one sweepstakes or contest within the past year and 50% enter them at least once a month. So what are you waiting for?


Facts about Sweepstakes & Contests

  • Sweepstakes & Contests let you build your email or mailing list
  • Sweepstakes & Contest can increase your fan base on your company Facebook page or drive visitors to your website.
  • Sweepstakes & Contests can assist you in surveys
  • Sweepstakes & Contests can educate customers (Possibly entrants must watch a brief movie before entering the sweepstakes or contest)
  • Sweepstakes & Contests can build brand awareness


    • Can build brand awareness
    • Can encourage purchases of products
    • Can assist in sales of excess inventory
    • Can direct traffic to your company's website

Can you provide help with drafting official rules and fulfillment of prizes?

Yes, We have an ongoing relationship with an attorney who specializes only in Sweepstakes law.

Can you assist us with setting up my company's Facebook page?

Definitely! We're partnered with an amazing company that's specialized in creating attractive and engaging Facebook pages at a very affordable rate.

Can you handle a large amount of traffic for my campaign?

Of course, Our platform is a fully scalable, distributed hosting solution that allows us to adjust our server capacity within minutes. This enables us to easily handle huge traffic volumes, including sudden surges in traffic. In conjunction we maintain 24/7 monitoring of our site with an experienced staff.

Sponsoring a Sweepstake

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