48% Yes
49% No
3% Engaged
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Are you married?


    Submited by wheezzee

    keosturgill Voted: Yes 2496 days ago.

    nevr had a wedding or a honeymoon, got married in our litchen with no family was able to be there:(

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    msgail1953 Voted: Yes 2530 days ago.


    Alawishes59 Voted: No 2531 days ago.

    divorced for about 15 yrs. now. kinda wish I was though

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    DelisaMartin27 Voted: No 2532 days ago.

    No Iam not married.

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    sisylyn Voted: Yes 2536 days ago.


    anniemab Voted: No 2536 days ago.


    dragonfire Voted: No 2537 days ago.

    Poor Wheezzee, stuck with George all these years! lol

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    wheezzee Voted: 2535 days ago.

    28 years!!

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