42% Yes
58% No
209 Votes

Did u think Obama should be the President?


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    lips1955 Voted: Yes 2065 days ago.

    I am so sick of illiterate morons, birth cert? Muslim? Tooth Fairy too, right. Idiots!

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    cuteleelee Voted: Yes 2370 days ago.

    yes because i believe we can change America!!

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    LMARTIN014 Voted: Yes 2370 days ago.

    like it or not he is the President

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    galindoyvonne Voted: No 2370 days ago.

    Wheres his legal Birth Certificate? You need one to be president.

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    erikss4 Voted: No 2402 days ago.

    after obama became president every thing got more expensive.

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    players4040 Voted: Yes 2403 days ago.

    he is great

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    kashjones12 Voted: Yes 2403 days ago.


    a_mccaig43 Voted: Yes 2403 days ago.

    its just my opinion he must have what it takes

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    hypersweeper Voted: No 2403 days ago.

    He's a muslim and not a US citezan

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    gabrielgarcia06 Voted: No 2403 days ago.


    CaranoWildCat Voted: Yes 2403 days ago.

    Why not, cant do any worse than busch

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    shannon_donato Voted: Yes 2403 days ago.

    yes give him time he will make it right, the world wasn't made in one day, neither was it tore apart in one day.

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    cobrateacher Voted: Yes 2404 days ago.

    Given a chance, which he hasn't been, he could turn out to be a wonderful president!

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    linj198 Voted: No 2405 days ago.

    not really

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