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23% Could be
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Do u think most American whites are racist?


    Submited by GoodHearted

    shannon_donato Voted: Could be 2734 days ago.

    these days ya never know

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    ranaejayne Voted: Could be 2734 days ago.

    Everyone has their own way of thinking no matter what the rules are

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    heymcs Voted: Yes 2734 days ago.

    I think most Americans are racists

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    laurachar2005 Voted: Could be 2734 days ago.

    I know of one particular person that is definitely racist. I am not.

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    56dbld Voted: Yes 2734 days ago.

    everyone is a little bit racist...

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    divaqueen381 Voted: No 2734 days ago.

    Who ever doesn't get that every race has racist people in it is just CRAZY! I am African American and i just cannot believe my people (and by my people I mean, my people of Earth) are still fighting this worn out issue.

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    tammy101 Voted: No 2792 days ago.

    I don't believe that to be true at all.

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    betsbets Voted: No 2811 days ago.

    I do not know the percentage of racist people. I hope it is not "most."

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    alexandria Voted: Could be 2816 days ago.


    linj198 Voted: Could be 2817 days ago.


    cuteleelee Voted: No 2819 days ago.

    unless brought up as one

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    sillyjilly Voted: Could be 2819 days ago.

    Every one has some racism, whether you are white, black, or whatever. I grew up around more black people than white and black people were more racist towards me (I'm white) than I was towards them. True story. lol. Grew up in Atlanta.

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    aligetreelcontests Voted: No 2819 days ago.

    You'll find a racist in every race. I have been discriminated against because I'm white. Too bad there are bad eggs that ruin it for everyone. :(

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    spd060172 Voted: Yes 2819 days ago.

    I also think all black people are.

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    Wnbano1fan Voted: Could be 2820 days ago.


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    GoodHearted Voted: Could be 2820 days ago.

    It could be true even if they think they have a legitimate reason for their racism. They may even be racist and not even know it. Now, maybe almost all of them are not racist. I do think whites are smart enough to look pass race on more important matters.

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