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Do you have an iPad?


    Submited by GoodHearted

    Tigger12 Voted: Yes 2727 days ago.

    Won an ipad back in September than to EZWIN!!! Way to go EZWIN!!

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    Agent0042 Voted: No 2729 days ago.

    Fraid not. Rather pricey, but I wouldn't mind having one.

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    tlm62 Voted: No 2730 days ago.

    Wish I did have one!

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    Alawishes59 Voted: No 2731 days ago.


    donnapope10 Voted: No 2731 days ago.

    Really want one!!

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    Chipster Voted: No 2732 days ago.

    trying to win one here

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    GoodHearted Voted: No 2733 days ago.

    But I would like one. I'd like to win one on this site. That would be so cool. It's a nifty thing. I like this picture of this guy with one. He looks cool with that iPad.

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