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Is LeBron James a Public Relations Genius


    Submited by melissaforrest

    georgiamcfarlin Voted: No 2855 days ago.

    if he was he would not have announced his leaving his old team like that

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    eudocv Voted: Yes 2855 days ago.


    cuteleelee Voted: No 2858 days ago.

    child please!!!

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    MissDee Voted: No 2858 days ago.

    If he was a PR genius, he would not have had that hour long snooze fest THE DECISION>

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    james18181818 Voted: Yes 2859 days ago.

    He has his own and not epending on just sports skill

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    paula_in_nh Voted: No 2872 days ago.

    he's a fool

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    elly960 Voted: Yes 2877 days ago.

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