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Is Sarah Palin Right Calling Marijuana Minimal Problem


    Submited by jack543

    laurachar2005 Voted: Yes 2896 days ago.

    Darn tootin'! And while on this subject, the oil spill in the Gulf is way more important along with bringing the troops home from the Middle East.

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    garfeild1958 Voted: No 2896 days ago.

    thats a hard one to answer .i myself dont smoke it but if 1 is just using it for personel use thats their bussiness but if 1 is a major grower and seller especialy to our youths it is a major problem , if 1 is over 21 and dumb enough to smoke it oh well

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    barbara.smith183 Voted: No 2899 days ago.

    Sarah palin needs to wake up. Marijuana ruins kids lives

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