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Should Glenn Beck Apologize for mocking Obamas daughter


    Submited by cluis

    spd060172 Voted: No 2715 days ago.

    Stop paying attention to crap like this!

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    cgomez204 Voted: Yes 2725 days ago.

    Although I am anti-Obama, this is stepping out of bounds.

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    chee Voted: Yes 2726 days ago.

    It just wasn't right.

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    willis224 Voted: Yes 2728 days ago.

    although it would not be honest.

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    yoyo1198 Voted: Yes 2728 days ago.

    He really just needs to have a lobotomy.

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    pbofushere9 Voted: Yes 2728 days ago.

    I don't care for Obama, but you don't make make fun of anyone's children.

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    jacky Voted: Yes 2729 days ago.


    1froglegs Voted: 2729 days ago.

    Glenn was mocking that Obama said his daughter asked him "Did you plug the hole daddy?. So he was asking silly questions in a childs voice. "Why are you a puppet, daddy?." "Did George Soros tell you to say that Daddy?. ASaying he was mocking his daughter is out of context.

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    penguinlover600 Voted: Yes 2729 days ago.

    Absolutely, children and spouses should not be the subject of criticism

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    winning714 Voted: Yes 2729 days ago.

    Not only YES, but Hell Yes

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    cobrateacher Voted: Yes 2729 days ago.

    He needs a muzzle!

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    barbara.smith183 Voted: Yes 2729 days ago.

    Glenn Beck sometimes goes too far

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