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Should there be God in Government?


    Submited by lievie

    Wnbano1fan Voted: No 2861 days ago.


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    dreamcatcher Voted: Yes 2957 days ago.

    People want to remove God from everything: government, money, schools. Then when a disaster happens people ask "Where was God?"

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    chipsahoy2685 Voted: No 2958 days ago.

    I think the government should be completely seperate from god

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    jeaninedavis99 Voted: No 2958 days ago.


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    mwilly1244 Voted: Yes 2958 days ago.


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    paul_fergel Voted: Yes 2958 days ago.

    I think everyone has the right to speak about God, Jesus, or whatever God people worship. To force a belief upon someone else is unjust, and it infrindges on the free will of a person that God gave to each and every humanbeing.

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    shadowkatt Voted: No 2958 days ago.

    What nonsense. This country was founded on the belief of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. That means ALL religions. And who are any of you to tell me or anyone else we are wrong?

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    robertparrish2020 Voted: Yes 2958 days ago.

    that is way it was founded and it sould stay that way.

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    kostovski Voted: No 2958 days ago.

    are you people crazy

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    cgomez204 Voted: Yes 2962 days ago.

    If people would read and understand the bible that God favors those (govt) who bless him. He inturns blesses them. The oppositee is economic problems, famine, earthquakes, etc...Sound familiar!

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    therabbittgotthegun Voted: Yes 2963 days ago.

    the founders of the country were quite concious of God and it lead to the greatest country the world has ever seen, the taking God out has lead to a decline in america's greatness

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    csjacobs Voted: Yes 2964 days ago.

    With out God There'd be no Government!

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    teequ Voted: No 2964 days ago.

    For those so eager to have "God" in the government, you are assuming that it would be your "God." Even if that were true initially, things chang and you could find yourselves compelled to function under the laws of someone else's "God" That is why that pa

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    mommx13 Voted: Yes 2965 days ago.

    Our country was built on the belief of God

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    elopez0991 Voted: No 2965 days ago.

    since everyone has different beliefs we should respect that.

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    gabrielle_prr Voted: Yes 2965 days ago.

    in jesus name

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    dnmgal Voted: Yes 2965 days ago.

    absolutely, and he should Never have been removed...

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    tjemelle815 Voted: Yes 2965 days ago.

    yes but we can still be open and accepting to other religions

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    Flufferwuffer Voted: No 2965 days ago.

    "God" should not be forced on people.

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    nickihunt821 Voted: No 2965 days ago.


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    linj198 Voted: Yes 2966 days ago.

    should be

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    barbara.smith183 Voted: Yes 2966 days ago.

    We need Jesus in every part of our lives

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    tamylondon311 Voted: Yes 2967 days ago.

    God should be in our lives

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