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Was Reporter Ines Sainz abused by the NY Jets?


    Submited by laurenfish

    KienanDai Voted: No 124 days ago.

    She wasn´t abused, when any woman enters a men's room that happens, ask the Queen Sofía of Spain...

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    greyghostwoman Voted: No 2827 days ago.

    You cannot walk into a locker room without knowing what to expect

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    ANGELOLOPEZMENDOZA21 Voted: Yes 2827 days ago.

    yes definetly u know why becuse she is a babe

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    fissehajhone Voted: Yes 2827 days ago.

    because no body likes her

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    idream35 Voted: No 2827 days ago.

    no idea but the story is very suspect

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    No1treesmkr Voted: No 2829 days ago.

    She's a money grubbing, over reacting, hot, sexy....oh did I go off subject?

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    MamawDebbie Voted: No 2831 days ago.

    Female reporters should stay out of Men's sports locker rooms

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    siyatmuse Voted: No 2836 days ago.

    i don't now

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