0% Michael Jackson
78% Marilyn Manson
11% Eminem
11 % Paul Reubens
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Who'd be more likely to punish himself if should?


    Submited by GoodHearted

    lips1955 Voted: Paul Reubens 2766 days ago.

    it'd be tough for Jackson since he's toast

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    dragonfire Voted: Marilyn Manson 2767 days ago.

    You are totally off the deep end!

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    GoodHearted Voted: Marilyn Manson 2767 days ago.

    All seem like they have punished themselves and would. I think Marilyn punishes himself by pretending to lap feet of devil, acting like he's sexually confused, and purposely singing bad a lot and acting foul. Eminem punish himself acting foul.

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