40% obama
60% bush
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who do you blame for the economic crisis?


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    FineMahma Voted: bush 2403 days ago.

    Obama stepped into a world of shi* when he became President. If people could get over his race, they would not blame him for everything that is wrong with the economy.

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    TryTheFish Voted: bush 2692 days ago.

    I blame Bush, but Obama is doing a good job of keeping the crisis going.

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    mistyeya Voted: obama 2697 days ago.

    bush mite have started it but obama is just making it worse

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    mbeverett Voted: bush 2698 days ago.

    The whole war he wanted pretty much made us go broke.

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    kadukamama Voted: obama 2701 days ago.

    I don't blame Bush necessarily, although I believe he had a part in it. However, I do blame Obama for knowing that we have economic problems and continuing to put us in more debt in the name of trying to help us.

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    radarno28 Voted: bush 2701 days ago.

    We are in such a financial mess because of Bush and his running of the country.

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    elizabetherick428 Voted: bush 2709 days ago.

    Obama hasn't been here long enough to do Bus's massive damage of 8 years

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    KATIES6719 Voted: bush 2710 days ago.


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    momoon Voted: obama 2730 days ago.

    It was bad but now it's worse and that last part is Obama's doing.

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    HappyWitch64 Voted: bush 2730 days ago.

    actually we can blame everyone in the government! . they dont even pay attention when we vote no on something ,so why vote at all?

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    jbrobb2006 Voted: bush 2733 days ago.

    Bush all the way

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    janiescoco Voted: obama 2742 days ago.

    Actually, it was Congress

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    laura1976 Voted: obama 2743 days ago.

    clinton screwed the country with nafta. Bush inherited the damage caused by that between that and being forced into a war bush was given a raw deal obama is screwing things up pretty darn good too with his crazy spending

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    ging Voted: obama 2745 days ago.

    Actually I think Pelosi and Reid and some of the other Dem did a lot of damage when Bush was President.

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    swimfann21 Voted: bush 2745 days ago.

    i blame bush since obama came into it

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    sissydove Voted: bush 2745 days ago.


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    AMANDA_TURNER9 Voted: obama 2746 days ago.


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    spitefulwitch Voted: bush 2746 days ago.

    We got screwed by Bush for 8 long ass yrs.! How can all this be Obamas fault? We all know Bush fu**ed us! He fu**ed EVERYBODY! And Obama hasn't even been president for a good yr.!You try and clean up an 8 yr. mess in less than a year, see how far u get!

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    dakota_hebert Voted: obama 2747 days ago.

    No doubt, Obama.

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    trtltrac Voted: obama 2749 days ago.

    Obama he promised to straighten Bush's mess out Two Wrongs don't make a right

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    Tigger12 Voted: bush 2758 days ago.

    BUSH, BUSH, BUSH. People seem to forget that Obama inherited this mess.

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    penguinpug200 Voted: bush 2759 days ago.

    You can't blame the current president for policies already in place when they took office! And, you must remember that the president may sign an act into law, but if the house and/or senate doesn't approve of it, all iy takes is a 2/3's majority to veto the president's enactment! And by 2/3's, I don't mean the entire senate or house...I mean 2/3's of the members actually in attendance at the time of the vote.

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