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18% No
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Will there be another earthquake in Solomon Islandsx?


    Submited by jack543

    schell Voted: Yes 883 days ago.


    tjhouse08 Voted: Yes 1376 days ago.

    Due to recent events I belive its very possiable with the way global warming is....

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    DelisaMartin27 Voted: Yes 2377 days ago.

    yes there will be another earthquake in the future the weatherman stated it will.

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    Wnbano1fan Voted: Yes 2702 days ago.

    But who can really say.

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    jmavrik Voted: No 2834 days ago.

    Regardless the idea of all these earthquakes Haiti, Chile have me shakin in my boots.

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    luisa Voted: No 2834 days ago.

    Earthquakes are like lightening they do not strike at the same place.

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    lievie Voted: Yes 2834 days ago.

    Why not I feel the ground shaking under my feet as I am writing this

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    alice824 Voted: Yes 2834 days ago.

    Earthquakes are happening everywhere.

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