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Was Reporter Ines Sainz abused by the NY Jets?

ANGELOLOPEZMENDOZA21 Voted Yes 2827 days ago.

yes definetly u know why becuse she is a babe

Does technology personally help you in your daily life?

ANGELOLOPEZMENDOZA21 Voted No 2827 days ago.

well i mean electronics are great and the do help u but its not good my opionion is becuse people are getting blind students are not doing good in school i mean u can use them for an hour but not alot

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

ANGELOLOPEZMENDOZA21 Voted No 2827 days ago.

Do think everyone you know brushes their teeth everyday

ANGELOLOPEZMENDOZA21 Voted No 2827 days ago.

just everybody should no that

Do you drink diet Or regular soda?

ANGELOLOPEZMENDOZA21 Voted Neither, I don't drink soda 2827 days ago.

its just not good for u
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