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What seems more cool to you?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted nice people 1510 days ago.

nice people!

Would YOU let your 13 year old have a FACEBOOK page?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted No 1510 days ago.

It should be for 16 years and older

The WORST Laptop is made by?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted HP 1565 days ago.

What word does the word "evil" remind you of?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted sad 1572 days ago.

I would say bad! but sad is close enough

What does the word "good-hearted" remind you of?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted cool 1572 days ago.

definetly cool, or white as peace

Do YOU wear contact lenses?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted No 1572 days ago.

it would be cool though

Do YOU like math?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted Yes 1572 days ago.

I love it! it's easy when you practice :D

Do you think aerobic exercise is evil?

JHONSTEAN44 Voted I'm no sure 1572 days ago.

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