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What do u think about J. Bieber breaks down at concert?

Losianose Voted I dont care 2913 days ago.

I. . .just don't.

Are you a spender or saver?

Losianose Voted saver 2913 days ago.

I'll spend money on things that will aid me in saving, though.

Do you like Tyler Perry's 'Madea'?

Losianose Voted Yes 2913 days ago.

She's rather okay. I don't really "like" her.

If you won $100,000,000, would you quit your job?

Losianose Voted Yes 2913 days ago.

Have you seen the new Karate Kid movie?

Losianose Voted Yes 2913 days ago.

mac vs pc

Losianose Voted Mac 2914 days ago.

what superpower would you have if you could choose?

Losianose Voted mind reading 2914 days ago.

Do you think technology is changing to fast?

Losianose Voted No 2914 days ago.

the more stuff they make the beter
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