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Do YOU ever get things from Craigslist?

MilthonH22 Voted Yes 1334 days ago.

where is it?

Are more women actually physically stronger than men?

MilthonH22 Voted Could be 1574 days ago.

It depends!

Are YOU now married?

MilthonH22 Voted Yes 1574 days ago.

And i like it!!

What seems more cool to you?

MilthonH22 Voted pretty white women 1574 days ago.

pretty nice white women

What does the word "good-hearted" remind you of?

MilthonH22 Voted ok 1574 days ago.

who made wrost phones

MilthonH22 Voted china 1574 days ago.

there is no bad phones but bad users

Do YOU need a new car?

MilthonH22 Voted I do not drive 1578 days ago.

Do YOU personally know anyone named 'Lulu'?

MilthonH22 Voted Yes 1578 days ago.

my neightbore lol
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