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Do YOU ever get things from Craigslist?

catabuyogty Voted Yes 890 days ago.


Is HP a responsible Laptop company in your opinion?

catabuyogty Voted Not Sure 890 days ago.

I dreamed about that ;)

Do YOU need a new car?

catabuyogty Voted I do not drive 890 days ago.

I like it

Are YOU the most important person to you?

catabuyogty Voted Not Sure 890 days ago.

nalito ako

What seems more cool to you?

catabuyogty Voted nice people 890 days ago.

Cool , Nice ;)

Have YOU ever shopped at a Grocery Outlet store?

catabuyogty Voted Yes 1340 days ago.

for my own work

Is your hygiene important to YOU?

catabuyogty Voted Yes 1339 days ago.

Do YOU think EZWIN is going out-of-business?

catabuyogty Voted Yes 1370 days ago.

Like Playing Fun Games Here ;)
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