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Have you ever gone Paragliding?

marly1289 Voted No 1195 days ago.

i would like to :D

Do YOU celebrate family birthdays with cake?

marly1289 Voted Yes 1195 days ago.

my mom make a cake for all of us :D

Would YOU let your 13 year old have a FACEBOOK page?

marly1289 Voted Not Sure.... 1217 days ago.

Maybe but IDK

What seems more cool to you?

marly1289 Voted Jews 1217 days ago.


Are you going to vote OBAMA for a second term?

marly1289 Voted No 1298 days ago.

i don't know

Are more women actually physically stronger than men?

marly1289 Voted Probably not 1298 days ago.

maybe not physically but mentally :D

Do YOU have medical insurance?

marly1289 Voted Yes 1298 days ago.

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