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Would YOU let your 13 year old have a FACEBOOK page?

qparkman Voted No 810 days ago.

It doesn't seem appropriate anymore

Do YOU need a new car?

qparkman Voted Yes 810 days ago.

Hell Yeah!

Do YOU celebrate family birthdays with cake?

qparkman Voted Yes 810 days ago.


Ever have a Slurpee?

qparkman Voted Yes 2449 days ago.

Do you like Sloppy Joes?

qparkman Voted Only Manwich 2449 days ago.

What flavored donuts would you rather have to eat?

qparkman Voted strawberry 2449 days ago.


Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian?

qparkman Voted Only had been 2449 days ago.

Mothers Day, whatcha doing for mom?

qparkman Voted Other-please comment 2449 days ago.

My mother passed away.
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