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What do u think of black Herman Cain becoming president

rholst26 Voted bad idea 2423 days ago.

Is OCCUPY AMERICA 'active' in your city or town?

rholst26 Voted I do not know.... 2423 days ago.

Who should pay a higher percentage of taxes?

rholst26 Voted rich 2423 days ago.

Will you join 1 Million Citizens march on Washington?

rholst26 Voted Absolutely ! 2423 days ago.

Which party resisted civil rights more? Dems or Repub

rholst26 Voted Republicans 2423 days ago.

Are you able to think outside the box at all?

rholst26 Voted Yes 2423 days ago.

Do you sometimes call grown men "boys"?

rholst26 Voted Yes sometimes 2469 days ago.

Do you put milk and/or cream in your hot tea?

rholst26 Voted No 2469 days ago.

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