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Your best friends partner kisses you,do you :

shely Voted Pull away 2236 days ago.

Do you know who this character is?

shely Voted Yes 2236 days ago.

Are you opininated,stubborn, laid-back or lazy?

shely Voted stubborn 2236 days ago.

Que prefieres Facebook o Twitter?

shely Voted Facebook 2237 days ago.

Crees que el IPAD es un Itouch en tamaño grande?

shely Voted Si 2237 days ago.

Te gustan los dibujos animados?

shely Voted si 2237 days ago.

me encantan

Es perjudicial consumir muchas vitaminas?

shely Voted si 2237 days ago.

eso descontrolaria el sistema por completo

Las mujeres son mas "divertidas" cuanto toman alcohol?

shely Voted si 2237 days ago.

algunas veces
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